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Comment Moderation Policy

Readers are encouraged to comment and join the debate, but comments will be deleted or not posted if they are abusive,  are simply aimed up causing an argument, make no sense, contain offensive material or links, contain personal insults, are advertisements or spam, are not related to the topic being discussed.


In simple terms comments posted on this site that are offensive or insult others will be removed.

Basically comments will be deleted or not posted if they:

  1. Are abusive.
  2. Are simply aimed at causing an argument.
  3. Make no sense.
  4. Contain offensive material or links.
  5. Are an attempt to plant a whole heap of links to suspect sites.
  6. Contain personal insults.
  7. Are advertisements or spam.
  8. Are not related to the topic being discussed.
  9. Do not include a payment in unmarked bills sent to a secret location. (it’s a joke, but I wonder if anyone will read this anyway?)

In addition comments that look like sales pitches or attempts to pump up a stock price will also be removed.

This is also not the place to settle personal scores or launch abuse at people.  If you disagree with a certain viewpoint or comment then address the issue in a calm and reasonable manner.

Some readers appear to have a hard time grasping the above basic rules so here are some further moderation guidelines:

1.  If you call a person an idiot or fool then your comment(s) will most likely be deleted.

2.  If you rant on repeatedly about what an investing legend you are without any supporting evidence then your comment(s) will probably be deleted.

3.  If your comment has absolutely nothing to do with the topic being discussed it may end up being deleted.

4.  Finally if your comment is placed in the moderation queue and you keep re-posting it then it will almost certainly end up in the trash. If you keep testing our patience you may be blocked from making further comments.

This site also has anti-spam software installed so comments that contain a lot of links/URL’s may end up being held for moderation. Comments will also be held if they contain naughty words 🙂

Also readers who leave a comment for the first time will have their comment held for moderation. However if they use the same ID and e-mail details then subsequent comments should be posted without being held for moderation.

Comments may also be moved to another post or page if they are not connected to the topic being discussed but are relevant to another discussion thread.

The Site Administrator also reserves the right to edit comments. In cases where this is done a note will be made at the end of the comment.

Registered members of this site who are logged in will not need to enter the CAPTCHA verification code when leaving a comment.  However please note that we reserve the right to cancel the site membership of those who continue to breach the site moderation rules.

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