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Global warming: do your own research!

July 22nd, 2008 · Greg Atkinson · 4 Comments

I have to admit that I am a bit of a skeptic when it comes to the theory that human activity is the primary reason for the apparent rise in global temperatures. My main reason for being a skeptic is the fact that the link between global warming and human activity is only one (of many) scientific “theories” that attempt to explain the reason why the earth “appears” to be getting warmer.

There is a group of scientists for example who argue the earth is not about to overheat, but in fact we are heading towards another ice-age! However this, and may other scientific theories are overlooked as the mainstream media and journalists are either too lazy or not inquisitive enough to look deeper into the global warming issue.

One thing we need to keep in mind when we talk about global warming is that the reason why temperatures on earth “appear” to be rising are based on scientific theories and these theories can be later be proved to be wrong.

Even if the same scientists all have the same data they can still come to different conclusions because the data available to them is not conclusive.

For example much of the data being used to formulate climate change theory has only been collected since the 1970’s when satellite based scientific instruments started to be deployed, therefore scientists can only make assumptions regarding what the data would have been before the 1970’s. (and assumptions can very often be wrong)

Although I do hold a science degree it is not in any way related to climate change so I suggest people do their own thinking. For example try entering “global warming and the sun” into Google and you will find that there are some very credible academics who believe the main reason for the rise in global temperature is due to the sun.

This seems pretty logical to me since the sun is the source of most heat on planet earth. (the other being volcanic/geothermal)

It is also important to note that earth has been through many other periods of climate change long before humans could have any impact, and that good old earth warmed up nicely after the last Ice Age without any assistance from coal fired power stations.

So before you blindly agree with politicians, journalists and celebrities etc. about climate change maybe a little research of you own might change your mind. Remember there was a time when the popular theory of the day was the earth was flat, but just because a theory is popular does not mean it is right!

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