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The Cold War is over…right?

August 17th, 2008 · Greg Atkinson · No Comments

According to the prevailing wisdom, the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the West was suppose to have ended in the 1990’s, but it appears the U.S misses the excitement and is trying to stir things up again. You would think a global war on terror would keep the Americans occupied and that keeping as many countries as possible on friendly terms would be the smart thing to do.

But alas, the U.S is meddling in the affairs on Russia’s borders and this can only lead to trouble. (as it already has in Georgia) Make no mistake about it, the aggressive party in the relationship between Russia and the West is the U.S and NATO. 

NATO actually has no reason to exist any more  as it was established in 1949 to counter the threat from the Soviet Empire. When the USSR collapsed in 1991 there was no longer a need for NATO, however NATO is still with us and being used by the U.S. to implement American policy in Europe and beyond.

I am not anti-American, but like many people worldwide I am growing weary of the U.S meddling in the affairs of other nations and regions. For example the relationship between Georgia and Russia has little to do with the U.S. however American actions in respect to Georgia (since it gained independence) have not been helpful to say the least.

The U.S has been providing military assistance to Georgia for many years and been pushing for Georgia to be accepted into NATO, these can hardly be classed as measures to improve relations with Russia. Imagine what the United Sates would say if Russia started large scale military assistance to Cuba again?

If we truly want a peaceful Europe then the world needs a Russia that does not feel threatened by NATO expansion and U.S. covert actions at it’s borders. NATO needs to be dissolved, the Europeans need to determine their own futures within the framework of the European Union (also the relationship between the West and Russia should be managed by the European Union) and the America needs to stay focused on the war on terror and not be starting other potential areas of conflict.

On a final note, I was going to try and put some humour into this blog but I cannot compete with the Daily Show. Jon Stewart – Russia/Georgia War
Not only is this clip funny, it really does highlight the problems with the U.S position on the Russian/Georgian conflict.

By the way if you watch this clip of President Bush speak about the conflict as it highlights how the West feels it’s invasions are justified whereas anyone else’s are not. I particularly like the part where George is horrified that the Russian’s were bombing the civilian airport, this is from the President of a nation that boosted about a ‘Shock and Awe” campaign as they pulverised Iraq!

Let’s hope peace is quickly restored and the next U.S administration try and improve the U.S – Russia relationship.

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