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About the Site

Welcome to the Shareswatch Australia – one of Australia’s premier stock market and investment websites plus a free source of independent stock market investing views and analysis.

We are not selling anything and earn no commissions from pushing investment products. The only revenue source for this site is from advertising and banner ads.

What is the purpose of the Shareswatch Australia Site?

Generally speaking, much of the business and stock market coverage in the Australian media is at best, fairly average.  If you read the business news section of one newspaper then you are unlikely to gain much by reading the business news section of another newspaper.

Much of the stock market reporting is based on Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) company announcements and these can easily accessed (free of charge) from the ASX website.  Many websites also merely regurgitate the contents of these announcements to try and convey the impression they have reporting breaking news.

In addition finance journalists often make incorrect assumptions simply because they do not have any business or management experience – in other words they simply do not understand how companies really operate and they often make many incorrect observations and assumptions.

This blog is aimed at providing readers and/or investors with an alternative source of economic and stock market related analysis.  Although we focus mainly on the Australian stock market and economy the reality is that there is little that happens in the Australian economy that is not influenced in some way by global events.  Therefore we also include an analysis of what is happening in other financial markets and economies across the globe.

In addition, many Australian companies are truly global entities such as BHP Billiton, Brambles, James Hardie and Amcor anyway.  Therefore we discuss global trade and economic issues as well with a special emphasis on Japan.

It is important to remember that everyone who writes about investing or the stock market has an “angle”.  Some people or companies are trying to sell investment products or online website subscriptions, others are trying to drive up website traffic so they can attract more advertising revenue and other groups are out to promote certain asset classes like property or gold etc.

But nobody will provide you a refund if your shares or investment portfolio crashes, so tread carefully and do your own research, so do not rely on any one source of investment news, information or analysis!

This site ( hopes to generate some revenue from advertisers but we do not sell investment products, investment advice or online subscriptions etc.  If you shop online using this site or visit our sponsor’s websites then that will be appreciated, however feel free to navigate past the banner advertisements and just get the information you need.

People or companies that are interested in supporting this site via placing a banner advertisement can contact us via the online contact form.

Finally we would like to stress that nothing in this blog or on the shareswatch site is intended to suggest to readers that they should buy, hold or sell any stock, nor should any reader make any decisions based solely on the contents of this wesbite. If you are serious about investing, then do you own research and read widely.

Please also read our Disclaimer

Remember we do not sell financial products, we are not financial advisers and we are not trying to promote any particular investment or ASX listed stock, ETF or asset class like residential real estate.  So please seek professional advice if you require assistance in making investment decisions or putting together an investment portfolio.

For some ideas on how to avoid costly investment mistakes please read our Investment Tips.

Comment Moderation Policy

In simple terms comments posted on the site that are offensive will be removed. In addition comments that look like sales pitches or attempts to pump up a stock price will also be removed.

Also remember that this is not the place to settle personal scores or launch abuse at people. If you disagree with something then address the issue in a calm and reasonable manner.

All views are welcome and people are encouraged to comment and join the debate. But comments will be deleted or not posted if they:

  • Are abusive.
  • Are simply aimed up causing an argument.
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  • Are not related to the topic being discussed.
  • Do not include a payment in unmarked bills sent to a secret location. (it’s a joke, but I wonder if anyone will read this anyway?)

Is this site really free?

Yes. There is no charge to register for this site or to access any of the articles.

The Site Editor

Greg Atkinson is the editor of Shareswatch Australia and he also write articles for the site. Greg’s articles also appear on a number of other stock market and investment related websites. An archive of all his articles published on this site can be found here.

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Greg Atkinson with friend.

Greg is also the founder and Managing Director of Ohori Capital Pty Ltd. ( and has headed the company since 2006.   He is also the Founder and a Director of Eco Marine Power Co. Ltd (  Eco Marine Power is focused on the development of eco-friendly power technologies for use on ships.

Before forming Ohori Capital he spent approximately 10 years in the telecommunications industry, where he held senior management roles in areas such as network operations, project management, product development and marketing for a number of major multinational companies in Australia and Japan.

Prior to this he served 10 years in the Royal Australian Navy in electronics engineering and undertook his initial technical training as an apprentice at the now decommissioned HMAS Nirimba.   During his time in the navy he served on the destroyer escorts HMAS Derwent and HMAS Stuart and ashore at HMAS Watson in Sydney.

He has been an active investor since the late 1990’s starting with an investment property and then branching out into stocks.  After having been bruised during the market slowdown between 2001 – 2003 he began to develop an approach to investing that would not necessarily make millions overnight, but would provided good annual returns even in bear markets. This approach was tested and modified as a result of the Global Financial Crisis between 2008 – 2009.

At present he works and lives in Japan.  He first ventured to Japan in 1997 and has spent most of the time since then living in Japan.  Living outside Australia means that he is able to provide a view of the Australian economy and stock market that is different to commentators based in Australia.  In addition being based in Japan gives him a good insight into one of the world’s largest economies and also of the other major Asian economies as well.

He holds an MBA, a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering, an Associate Diploma (Elec Eng) plus a good old trades certificate as a radio fitter-mechanic.

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“October. This is one of the peculiarly dangerous months to speculate in stocks. Others are November, December, January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, and September.” – Mark Twain


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